Introducing Autopilot, an AI coding assistant

AI apps

Rapidly assemble AI your team can use

Airplane is a tooling platform that makes it easy to go from prompt to app in minutes.

Modern Treasury

As a startup, efficiency is our lifeblood. Langchain’s ability to incorporate LLM technology into code with straightforward, powerful APIs, combined with Airplane’s code-first approach to spinning up automations and UIs, not only lets us build and ship products faster, but allows us to build new ways to automate otherwise manual work using AI.

Robert Coe, CTO & Cofounder, AcuityMD

Features for AI

Rapidly build UI

Stop reinventing forms, tables, and buttons. Rapidly build interfaces for your AI apps.

Native approval flows

LLMs aren’t perfect. Pair sensitive workflows with approval flows. Have an AI suggest a decision; let a human approve it.

Libraries included

Use the SDK to quickly get started. Or use LangChain or your library of choice.

Serverless hosting

Easily deploy AI tools without worrying about infrastructure. Write a function and share it with your team.

Secure by design

Protect sensitive AI actions behind SSO, auditing, and enterprise-grade security out of the box.



your tools
with AI

Get up and running in minutes
with pre-built AI templates.

AI database explorer

A tool that uses AI to transform natural language questions into SQL queries that can be run against a database resource.

See Template

Feature request ticket creator

A tool that uses AI to transform a user-specified feature request or bug into a page in a Notion database.

See Template

PDF parser

A tool that uses AI to parse a PDF's contents (in this case, an IRS W-9 form) and extract structured data.

See Template


Learn more about the Airplane platform


Use Airplane's built-in SDK functionality to quickly incorporate LLMs.


Automatically run scripts on a recurring cadence.


Quickly build custom UIs - no CSS knowledge needed.