Airplane Schedules

Serverless, maintenance-free job scheduling

Fully managed and reliable scheduled tasks. Get notified on run failures, and see all your active schedules and historical runs in one place.

List of schedules

"Airplane schedules are incredibly easy and powerful. Airflow, Google Cloud Tasks, and cron are just so hard to use and maintain in comparison."

–Sidd Seethepalli, Senior Engineer at Dover

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Stop worrying about your cron server crashing. Deploy tasks to Airplane, set a schedule, and we'll do the rest.

Visibility into execution

Get a birds-eye view of all your task schedules and past run activity.

Built-in notifications

Get notified on Slack or email every time a run fails.

Integrated with the Airplane platform

Build tasks and other internal tools in an integrated platform.

Multi-step runbooks

Compose together multiple scripts or queries in sequence and pass data between them.

Support for scripts, SQL, and REST

Turn APIs, SQL queries, and scripts into apps for the entire team.


SOC 2 compliant. Comes with group-based permissions, self-hosted agents, SAML SSO, and more.
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