Airplane Security

Built to help your company operate safely and securely

Airplane offers features designed to enhance security and compliance for internal operations. Get first-class support for approval flows, audit logs, self-hosted agents, two-factor auth, and more.

List of schedules

"Airplane not only saves us time, but provides security across our teams. The audit logging and governance we get with Airplane has been key to building out our internal processes."

–Henry Suryawirawan, Head of Engineering at Flip

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Granular permissions and approval flows

Airplane's permissioning system allows for fine-grained, role-based access controls across your organization. Read more »

Visibility and audit logs

Everything is logged on your Activity page. Get a bird's-eye view of all your past run activity and task schedules. Read more »

Self-hosted agents

Host agents running scripts and queries in your own infrastructure. Read more »

Two-factor auth and SSO

Two-factor authentication for application logic can be enforced at the identity provider level. Airplane supports G Suite and SAML single sign-on. Read more »

Integrated with the Airplane platform

Build tasks and other internal tools in an integrated platform.

Multi-step runbooks

Compose together multiple scripts or queries in sequence and pass data between them.

Support for scripts, SQL, and REST

Turn APIs, SQL queries, and scripts into apps for the entire team.


SOC 2 compliant. Comes with group-based permissions, self-hosted agents, SAML SSO, and more.
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