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  • All core product features
  • Up to 5 users
  • Up to 5 runbooks or tasks
  • 3 days of activity log history
  • User-based permissions
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  • All core product features
  • Up to 30 users
  • Up to 30 runbooks or tasks
  • 30 days of activity log history
  • Group-based permissions
  • Self-hosted agents
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Custom Pricing

  • All core product features
  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited runbooks and tasks
  • Unlimited activity log history
  • Data export for activity log
  • Group-based permissions
  • Self-hosted agents
  • Directory sync
  • Enterprise integrations (coming soon)
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How does Enterprise pricing work?

Contact us at and we're happy to chat about it.

What is a runbook?

Runbooks are the primary apps of Airplane. They’re workflow apps that represent a series of operations. Runbooks can incorporate tasks and other built-in operations. For details, see the runbook documentation.

What is a task?

Tasks are the basic building block of Airplane. They’re lightweight apps that represent a single atomic operation. For details, see the task documentation.

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