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Airplane is a developer platform for internal tools. We believe businesses deserve better software, and we enable customers to build that software.

The majority of software written in the world isn't customer-facing—it's internal to the operations of a company. Millions of software engineers are busy building support dashboards, operational workflows, and bespoke CRM and ERP systems.

These internal applications vary but have many things in common: authentication, permissions, auditing, approval flows, notifications, UI components, and more. Airplane automates and packages these pieces so that developers can concentrate on what's actually important to the business.

Across Airplane views and tasks, we've assembled a starting set of "primitives" for building tools. Write a few lines of code, and you get a production-grade dashboard, backend operations, and long-running processes—all accessible to you and your team.

Airplane is a 20-person startup founded by two experienced SaaS founders and backed by Benchmark. We're remote-first and have hybrid offices in San Francisco and New York.


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