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Airplane is a developer platform for internal tools. We believe that what we're building will become the software foundation for businesses.

The majority of software written in the world isn't customer-facing–it's internal to the operations of a company. Millions of software engineers are busy building support dashboards, operational workflows, and bespoke CRM and ERP systems.

These internal applications vary but have many things in common: auth, permissions, audit logging, approval flows, notifications, UI components, and more. Airplane automates and packages these pieces so that developers can concentrate on what's actually important to the business.

We're starting with a simple yet powerful way of turning scripts into apps. Write a few lines of code, and you get a production-grade tool that teammates can access and use. Our plan is to layer in workflows, rich UIs, and more over time to build a rich ecosystem for rapidly building high quality software. Learn more about our vision here.

Airplane is a series-A stage, 15-person startup founded by two experienced SaaS founders and backed by Benchmark. We're remote-first and have hybrid offices in San Francisco and New York.

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