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The 10 best Angular admin templates

The 10 best Angular admin templates

Priya Patel
Growth Associate
Jun 29, 2023
9 min read

Admin panels are critical tools for organizations to monitor, maintain, and control their various business processes. Angular admin templates are pre-built solutions that offer a user-friendly interface, ready-to-go styles, and all the essential features and functionalities needed to get an admin panel up and running efficiently.

With Angular admin templates, users can focus on customizing an admin panel to fit their unique needs, saving them time and resources. These templates are useful for both beginner and experienced developers since they offer a starting point for creating custom admin panels that meet the requirements of a particular project. The wide range of available templates caters to various preferences, from modern designs to those with complex features, ensuring that there are options that will work for any project.

In this article, we will discuss the top 10 Angular admin panel templates that have been chosen based on three important factors: popularity among developers, ease of use, and availability of technical support.

Specifically, we will walk through the following Angular admin templates:

  • Cuba
  • Egret
  • Espire
  • Fuse
  • Lucid
  • MaterialPro
  • ngx-admin
  • SB Admin
  • Star Admin
  • Vex

We will also introduce a powerful internal tooling platform called Airplane that can help you build custom admin panels within minutes using code.


Cuba is an Angular admin template that offers a sleek and straightforward design. Its user-friendly interface makes it an ideal tool for all developers, from beginners to experienced. If you prefer a minimalist look, Cuba is a good fit for creating an attractive and fully functional custom administrative panel. The template has five different dashboards, twelve different layouts, and over 100 inner pages. It's fully responsive, with clean, well-commented code.

Cuba is based on NG Bootstrap, with support for Angular 14. The template has over 4,600 sales and comes with support for other frameworks, such as React, Laravel, Django, and more. Users also get free lifetime support, and the template is updated annually.

Cuba is listed on ThemeForest, starting at $24 for a regular license. Check out the Cuba template live demo to see it in action.


The Egret Angular admin template is designed to be user-friendly and provide a great user experience while also offering a range of features and functionalities to support development needs. The template has various layouts, RTL support, and prebuilt sample applications such as an inbox, chat, to-do list, and calendar.

Egret currently utilizes Angular 14+ and provides access to a GitHub repository. Additionally, it's well-documented and has more than 2,500 sales on ThemeForest with an average rating of 4.8. The template also offers a 48-hour support window. However, it does not have a wide range of pages and components. Its ease of use and support make it a good choice for beginners, but its range of features is also good for experienced developers.

Egret is listed on ThemeForest, with prices starting at $22 for a regular license. Also, check out the live demo of Egret to determine if it's a good fit for you.


Espire is a cutting-edge Angular admin template that boasts a sleek and professional design. Espire is fully responsive, offers multiple layouts, pages, and UI components, and has clean code that makes it easy to understand and customize. Espire is a good option for both experienced developers and those just starting out.

Espire is listed on ThemeForest, starting at $22 for a regular license. Espire is based on Bootstrap 5 with support for Angular 14. It's well-documented and has over 1,600 sales. This template only comes with six months of basic support offered with a license purchase on ThemeForest. Espire also doesn't include extensive UI components or pages, making it a better solution for simple admin panels but not complex ones.

If you want to learn more, check out a live demo of the Espire template.


The Fuse Angular admin template is a strong solution for constructing tailored administrative panels. The template's customization options allow developers to personalize its appearance and functionality to suit their specific requirements. Fuse prioritizes ease of use and performance, making it a top pick for anyone looking to build a functional administrative panel quickly and with minimal hassle.

Fuse is documented very well, provides access to a GitHub repository and Slack community, and offers a 48-hour support window. The template comes with some prebuilt layouts but has a limited choice of components. At the time of writing, Fuse was recently updated to work with Angular 15+. It has more than 22,000 sales and an average rating of 4.7 in reviews on ThemeForest. With its comprehensive customization options and support features, it's a good option for both beginners and more experienced users.

Fuse is listed on ThemeForest, with prices starting at $29 for a regular license. If you're interested, you can also check out a live demo of the Fuse template.


The Lucid Angular Admin Template has a comprehensive feature set and an easy-to-use interface for building a user-friendly and functional administrative panel. The template comes with more than fifty pages, and it's based on Angular version 13 and Bootstrap 4.

The Lucid team keeps the template updated to work with the latest libraries, and it's also well-documented and has good reviews and feedback on ThemeForest. The template doesn't have an extensive UI library, which can limit the components to choose from, but you can build on top of the template to suit your own needs. The template also doesn't have premium support. If you're an experienced developer, the lack of premium support won't be a problem, but if you're a beginner, suitable support is something you should consider.

Lucid is listed on ThemeForest, with prices starting at $35 for a regular license. You can also check out a live demo of the Lucid template via ThemeForest.


MaterialPro presents a modern look that strikes a balance between functionality and visual appeal. Its modular design also means that users can customize it according to their preferences. Although the template has an extensive library and UI components to choose from, it hasn't been updated since 2019. If you're an experienced developer, this template may be a good choice, but you may need to update it yourself to the latest version of Angular. If you're a beginner, it might be better to consider other options before rushing into this template, especially if you want to work with the latest version of Angular.

MaterialPro is a well-documented template with over 1,100 sales, and it's based on Bootstrap 5. It comes with more than 700 pages, over 500 UI components, RTL support, and many prebuilt applications, such as a mailbox and chat application. It also offers a variety of forms, charts, and widgets, including Google Maps and Google Calendar.

MaterialPro is listed on ThemeForest, starting at $59 for a regular license. A license purchase from ThemeForest comes with six months of basic support. Check out a live demo of MaterialPro to see if it might be the right template for you.


Developed by Akveo, ngx-admin is a popular Angular admin template. ngx-admin is a valuable asset if you're looking to create a high-quality administrative panel that is both functional and visually appealing. ngx-admin is equipped with over forty pages and six different themes that are highly customizable to meet a user's specific requirements. Whether you're building a dashboard, reporting platform, or content management system, ngx-admin provides you with the necessary tools to get started.

ngx-admin is open source and free for your personal or commercial use. The template has been downloaded over 470,000 times. However, updates don't happen frequently, and there is no premium support. This template is good if you're getting started, but if you're looking to build a sophisticated admin panel, some of the other options on the list might be better choices.

For further information on how to get started, visit the GitHub repository or check out the ngx-admin online demo.

SB Admin

SB Admin is a free and open-source Angular template built with Bootstrap. This template gives users a foundational framework that they can easily customize to fit their specific needs. SB Admin is easy to understand and use, even if you're not familiar with Angular. You won't need to do complex coding or extensive design work, as all the essential elements of an administrative panel are already integrated into the template. With SB Admin, you can concentrate on adding custom features and functionalities that are specific to your project.

The free version has been downloaded more than 2.5 million times, and licenses for the Pro version have been bought more than 5,000 times. However, the free version doesn't come with support or the latest updates, which can be a hassle if you're a beginner and run into issues. The Pro version of SB Admin is a solid option, with support and the latest Bootstrap library. With licenses starting at $29, it isn't too expensive. However, you should know that neither the free nor the Pro versions are updated too frequently compared to some of the other options.

You can check out a live demo and find additional information via the SB Admin GitHub repository.

Star Admin

Star Admin is a premium Angular admin template that has a refined and sophisticated user interface. From its elegant color palette to its carefully selected typography, Star Admin offers a visually rich experience to its users. This template is a good choice if you want a premium look for your administrative panel.

The template comes with seventy-five pages, more than 500 components, responsive design, and RTL support. It comes with support for other frameworks, such as React, Vue, and Laravel, but only supports Angular version 9. Its premium version offers comprehensive support and is a good choice if you're looking to build a sophisticated admin panel and want a wide variety of UIs to choose from. However, at the time of writing, the template's current version doesn't support the most recent Angular version.

Star Admin comes with a freemium model, where the premium packages start at $35. There is a one-time fee version and a free version, but these come with limited components and pages. You can find more information on the different pricing options on the website. You can also try out a live demo of the premium template or the free version.


Vex is an Angular admin template that focuses on speed and a great user experience. The template is designed with Angular Material, which is based on Material Design best practices. It's built with Angular 14 and has over 2,000 sales and an average rating of 4.5 on ThemeForest at the time of writing.

Vex has a limited choice of components and comes with only a few pages and components to choose from. However, the template provides new updates for free, and you don't need to pay any extra fees as with some of the other options. Whether you're just starting out or have years of experience, Vex is a good option for creating a simple but effective admin panel.

Vex is listed on ThemeForest with a price starting at $24 for a regular license. You can also check out a live demo of the Vex template to see what it has to offer.

Angular admin templates offer several benefits for users looking to build admin panels. However, many of them are more suitable for basic use cases and can be difficult to customize or build complex UIs in.

If you're looking to build complex UIs within minutes, then Airplane is a good solution for you.

Introducing Airplane: build custom admin panels within minutes

Airplane is the developer platform for building custom internal tools. With Airplane, users can transform scripts, queries, APIs, and more into powerful UIs and workflows. Airplane Views is a React-based platform that allows users to quickly build custom UIs.

Airplane also offers an extensive pre-built component library and template library. For example, if you are looking to build a custom admin panel, you can start by using the admin panel template:

You can start using Airplane for free. Airplane also offers three additional tiers: A Team plan for $10/user/mo, a Business plan for $40/user/mo, and an Enterprise plan that has custom pricing based on your organization's needs.

To build your first admin panel within minutes using code, sign up for a free account or book a demo.

Author: Lucien Chemaly

Lucien Chemaly is an experienced software engineer and technical lead. He has worked on and led various projects including building SCADA platforms, building SaaS solutions for the United Nations, migrating old structures to the latest architecture, and more.

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