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The top 10 Kubernetes blogs & websites

The top 10 Kubernetes blogs & websites

Nov 17, 2021
3 min read

If you regularly work with Kubernetes, it’s important to stay on top of the latest news, updates, and strategies for making the most of it. Though it is a relatively new technology, initially open-sourced in 2015, there are already many websites focused on creating Kubernetes content.

Below you’ll find 10 Kubernetes blogs and websites that you can read to learn and stay up to date on important news.

1) blog is the main Kubernetes site and is operated by The Linux Foundation—a nonprofit organization that helps Kubernetes and other open-source projects operate.

The Kubernetes Blog on publishes a few articles a month, mostly covering release updates, announcements, and in-depth Kubernetes topics. Anyone can submit a post for review and publishing on the site. Articles go through an open-source and community review process before approval and publishing.

Though it is not technically a part of the blog, there is also a Kubernetes forum section of the website where you can ask questions and chat with other users.

2) CNCF blog

The Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) is a part of the nonprofit Linux Foundation mentioned above that helps Kubernetes operate.

Though the CNCF Blog doesn’t exclusively cover Kubernetes, with over 90 pages with 10 articles each, there are countless K8s topics covered.

You can find new articles almost every day written by the CNCF staff and guest authors that are experts in Kubernetes.

3) Learnk8s blog

Learnk8s is a site providing Kubernetes training for engineers through online courses. On top of that, however, they also have a Learnk8s Blog that mainly provides tutorials on using Kubernetes.

Though Learnk8s only publishes around one new article a month, it’s worth checking out older posts as most are still relevant to using Kubernetes today.

4) Kubernetes on Medium

The Kubernetes Blog on Medium is another great place for learning how Kubernetes works with detailed tutorials that include real examples of code.

There are new articles added daily and you can use the Related Topics tags to filter the articles based on what you are most interested in.

5) Last Week in Kubernetes Development

Last Week in Kubernetes Development (LWKD) is technically a weekly newsletter, but you can see all past newsletters on the LWKD website.

The newsletters focus on code activity in Kubernetes, including merges, deprecations, version updates, release schedules, and more.

On the site, you can see newsletters dating back to May 2021, and new newsletters are added weekly.

Want to see more options? Check out other Kubernetes Newsletters here!

6) Rancher blog

Rancher is a Kubernetes distribution providing a full stack for software teams who want to manage applications on Kubernetes.

Rancher also offers a blog that goes over the basics of Kubernetes, information about Rancher releases and new products, and more.

There are typically a few new posts added each month and articles date all the way back to 2014, so there is a lot to digest if you’re up for the challenge.

7) Tigera blog

Tigera is a company that provides security and observability for Kubernetes. It also has a blog that covers a variety of topics, including Kubernetes, eBPF, and more.

There are over 300 articles published on the blog and new articles are added weekly.

8) Google’s Containers & Kubernetes blog

If you run Kubernetes on GPC with GKE, then reading Google’s Containers & Kubernetes Blog is a must.

You can find new feature announcements and other updates for GKE, as well as tutorials on using GKE.

There is typically at least one new article published each week and posts date all the way back to 2016.

9) AWS Compute Blog’s Kubernetes section

If you run Kubernetes on AWS with EKS, then you should check out the AWS Compute Blog’s Kubernetes section.

Though new articles aren’t published frequently, you can find guides that are still relevant today as well as important updates for EKS.

10) Microsoft Azure AKS blog

Finally, if you run Kubernetes on Azure with AKS, then it’s worth checking out Microsoft Azure’s AKS Blog for tutorials on using AKS and feature announcements.

Like the Kubernetes section of the AWS Compute Blog mentioned above, the Azure AKS Blog isn’t updated regularly, but there are older articles worth going through.

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