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Changelog 9/7/22: Views private beta, Airplane Editor, notification subscriptions, and a new landing page

Changelog 9/7/22: Views private beta, Airplane Editor, notification subscriptions, and a new landing page

Madhura Kumar
Head of Growth
Sep 7, 2022
2 min read

Airplane lets you transform scripts, APIs, and SQL queries into UIs and workflows for your team in minutes. If you have feature requests you'd like to see in future changelogs, reply and let us know!

Since our last changelog, we've rolled out Views private beta to build full-featured UIs for your internal tools. We also launched the Airplane Editor for local development, notification subscriptions, and a new landing page!

Views private beta

Introducing: Airplane Views! This new feature allows you to rapidly build full-featured UIs ("views") using React. We now support a fast-growing library of built-in components and a deep integration with Airplane Tasks to create powerful interfaces and workflows.

If you have a relevant use case and are interested in being an early tester, sign up here:

Airplane Editor

Thanks to all of your feedback, we’ve launched a UI for locally developing tasks and views! Execute tasks, load views, and set up local resource configuration all from your browser - run airplane dev --editor from the command line to get started!

The editor works by starting up a lightweight version of the Airplane API server on your local machine, which lets you operate in a development environment that is similar to what you might see in production. For more information, check out the Editor docs.

Notification subscriptions

Never miss a run failure again with notification subscriptions! You can now subscribe users, emails, and Slack channels to events on specific tasks and runbooks. Learn more about notifications in our docs.

New landing page

If you haven't seen it yet, check out the new landing page! The updated showcases some of our newest products with a fresh coat of paint. Let us know what you think 😄

Improvements and fixes

  • Slug editing and visibility. You can now edit slug identifiers through the app for tasks, runbooks, and more. We heard your feedback and have also made it easier for developers to see and copy slugs for reference!
  • Auditing updates. The activity page has been overhauled. We're surfacing a much broader set of event types, and added new filters and faster performance.
  • Error run display. Tasks can now display errors more elegantly by returning an object with an error key or raising an error from a JS/Python task. More information in the Error docs.
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Madhura Kumar
Head of Growth
Madhura Kumar is the Head of Growth and a founding team member at Airplane. Prior to Airplane, she led product and strategic initiatives at Palantir.

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