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Changelog 3/18/22: Airplane API, schedules updates, and perf improvements

Changelog 3/18/22: Airplane API, schedules updates, and perf improvements

Madhura Kumar
Head of Growth
Mar 18, 2022
1 min read

Airplane lets you transform scripts, APIs, and SQL queries into apps for your team in minutes. If you have feature requests you'd like to see in future changelogs, reply and let us know!

This week we released the Airplane API as a beta, added some new features to the Schedules page, and rolled out some performance improvements.

Airplane API (beta)

We just rolled out the beta version of the Airplane API to allow you to trigger tasks and runbooks in Airplane. For example, you can hit the Airplane API to programmatically trigger internal operations or customer onboarding workflows. We would love to hear your feedback on this. Feel free to reach out to us if you're interested in trying it out.

Please see our API reference documentation for details on authentication and using the API to execute tasks or to execute runbooks.

Schedules page

You can now create new schedules directly from the Schedules page. The UI also allows you to edit, execute, archive, and view runs for particular schedules without having to navigate to individual tasks and runbooks.

Performance improvements

We improved the performance of SQL and REST tasks as well as runbook blocks for interacting with third party integrations (Slack, email, and MongoDB). These tasks should be lightning fast now!

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Madhura Kumar
Head of Growth

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