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Changelog 11/12/21: Folders, messaging resources, new docs with tutorials

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Changelog 11/12/21: Folders, messaging resources, new docs with tutorials

Written by

Madhura Kumar

Published on

Nov 12, 2021

This week we rolled out folders, added resources for messaging, and launched new and improved documentation with a tutorials library. If you have feature requests you'd like to see in future changelogs, let us know at


Earlier this week we rolled out a new feature, folders, which lets you organize tasks and runbooks into folders and subfolders.

You can click on the three dot icon to move tasks, runbooks, and folders or drag and drop them from your library. Check out how it works with this 1-min demo video: How to create folders in Airplane

Resources for messaging

We added three new messaging resources that are live for use - SendGrid, Mailgun, and SMTP.  You can access these from the resources tab on the menu bar along with the DB and API resources. Read more about what's supported in our resource docs.

New documentation

Our new documentation went live this week. We've added information about runbooks, revamped our platform content, and added a new tutorials library to highlight more ways you can get value out of Airplane. Let us know if there are other tutorials or guides you'd like to see!

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